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Why Sonarch Will Stake Avalanche

Choosing which protocols to invest in is difficult with an abundance of options. Choosing which to stake can be equally as challenging for a node operator. We chose to throw our support behind Avalanche (AVAX) as the second protocol we stake (after Cardano) for a few key reasons:

Fast Blockchain Technology

No, that’s not an oxymoron. In the decentralized space that optimizes for security over speed, Avalanche bucks the trend. The network consists of multiple blockchains that leverage the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to create sub-second transaction times.

They are estimated to reach over 4,500 transactions per second. For reference, Ethereum is currently at 15-45 transactions per second.

As far as cryptocurrencies go, that’s supersonic.

It’s Linked to ETH

The Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge is like a two lane superhighway. It allows transfers between Avalanche and Ethereum which has led to an explosion of decentralized apps (dapps) in the Avalanche ecosystem.

There are now quite a large amount of dapps that span a variety of different DeFi use cases which makes the network both robust and compelling as a long term investment.

Fee Benefits and Efficiency

Despite the somewhat terrifying name, the fees on Avalanche are benign. They’re rarely more than a few cents. Even complicated computations cost in the single digit dollar range to execute, and are significantly faster than most other networks. They prize speed and efficiency above all else.

So you get what you (don’t) pay for.

Tremendous Upside

Staking Avalanche is a no-brainer for Sonarch because of the exploding community. In 9 months there have been 227 projects and it is seemingly continuing to accelerate.

With a market cap just north of $6B it ranks just 26th in terms of adoption. With this type of acceleration and upside, it is a worthy investment, and an even more worthy staking opportunity should you agree with our reasoning.

Looking to buy Avalanche? You’ll have to head to an exchange like Binance or OKCoin.

Need help with buying crypto? Head over to our Quick Start Staking Guide to get started.

Thank you for reading.

If there are any in-depth questions we can answer, reach out to us on Twitter, contact us on Reddit, or join our Discord! If you’re ready to stake, and support making blockchain technology accessible to everyone, do it with Sonarch. Search ARCH1 in your preferred wallet provider.

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