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Why Sonarch Stakes Cardano

As an independent node operator, we had a choice on what protocol we choose to support by supporting their network. Like many of you, we are energized at the thought of aiding decentralization, and our team decided to do something about it.

Cardano (ADA) was the obvious first choice. Why? We’ll explain.

Cardano Supports Small Node Operators

They intentionally support small node operators to make a difference. As a small business we don’t have access to unlimited capital. We don’t have warehouses full of servers maintained by people we’ve never met. But where we lack in capital we make up with passion for the mission. We have technical prowess, a 24/7 infrastructure, and the heart to build a meaningful business that gives everyone a voice. Cardano not only allows us to do that. It’s part of why the protocol was created.

It’s more than just staking crypto. Cardano enables us to give the “little guy” a voice and vote with their coin in the proof of stake context. Many operations are reminiscent of traditional finance, where old money institutions corner the market and box out everyone else, and the biggest megaphone wins. If gone unchecked it becomes a centralized face wearing a decentralized mask. That’s fine, but we’ve already seen that movie. With their help, we’re building a better megaphone that can’t be bought.

Cardano’s Charismatic Leader

A great coin has to have utility, and (ironically) a face. We want to lend people a level of anonymity they desire, but we aren’t in the business of supporting shadows. Charles Hoskinson is a dynamic leader and CEO who has a mission to advance blockchain as a positive world-changing technology. He has a unique personality and is active on social media. He does surprise AMAs (Ask My Anything) where individuals who are interested in the protocol or anything can ask him questions. He’s witty, intelligent, candid, and backs up his talk through action. You can get more insight on his personality through Twitter and YouTube.

Good actors create more good actors.

The Academic Approach to Blockchain Design

Passion doesn’t matter if you don’t perform. And a 30,000 foot view is useless if you don’t know how to land a plane.

The Cardano protocol has been intentionally measured in their development in contrast to other coins. Staking ADA is a vote of confidence for that measured approach. The developers of Cardano did research — and in the spirit of open-source protocols — published their findings publicly and solicited feedback.

Using that feedback, they built a blockchain that aided decentralization while offering streams of passive income for people craving personal privacy and financial freedom. Win-win.

The Completeness of Their Blockchain

Sonarch doesn’t half-ass things. We whole-butterfly. It mirrors the approach Cardano took to developing a blockchain solution. Cardano created an end-to-end blockchain protocol. What does that mean? In our opinion, a great blockchain includes these components:

Proof of Stake Design

Proof of Work launched a digital revolution, but Proof of Stake is much more energy efficient and allows for collective collaboration vs. independent competition.

Smart Contracts

Creating a mechanism to hold people to their word will only make the world better. Trust is everything. Cardano is creating a smart contract offering that will do just that and offer the world a contract solution that incentivizes truth over legalese. (Now you know how Sonarch feels about lawyers ;)).


We are a business. One founded on purpose, but we can’t create value for people (and the world) if we can’t create value for ourselves. Cardano offered a platform to allow us to scale, grow, and enable other people to do the same if they choose to undelegated and create a node operation of their own. (Which is exactly what we hope will happen.)


Governance refers to the management of the protocol. This means the owners of the ADA tokens can vote and make recommendations on improving the protocol. The Cardano protocol has governance built-in. The community is active and votes on treasury-funded improvements. They build, we shape, everyone benefits.


Yes, it feels like everything in the DeFi space is “decentralized”. It’s not. Some protocols have intentionally sacrificed security for speed by by building an infrastructure with only few chosen operators to control the validation of transactions on the network. This begins to sounds like traditional finance to us.

Thank you for reading.

If there are any in-depth questions we can answer, reach out to us on Twitter, contact us on Reddit, or join our Discord! If you’re ready to stake, and support making blockchain technology accessible to everyone, do it with Sonarch. Search ARCH1 in your preferred wallet provider.

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