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Stake crypto, generate passive income, and take part in building a new digital ecosystem with Sonarch: A US-based cryptocurrency company intent on backing the best cryptocurrency protocols.

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The Sonarch Method
Staking Simplified

Staking is similar to earning interest on cash sitting in your bank account. Like cash in your bank account, your tokens belong to you and earn income on your behalf. The biggest difference is the amount of yield you generate. You won’t earn up to 20% at your local branch.

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So how does it work?

Think of it like a raffle. The more tickets you buy, the better chance you have to win. When you stake, we take collective ownership of those “tickets” through the coins you delegate. As a group, the more we stake, the better odds we have to earn the chance to validate the next block in the chain for that protocol. And everyone shares in the earnings.

Then, every 20 seconds as a new block is minted, we do it all again. It’s that simple. Rinse, repeat, reward.

Delegate Tokens
Coins We Stake

Before we launch a node, we carefully consider the crypto we stake. We believe in the utility of protocols we vet and we are proud to support their missions by securing their networks.

Commission 0 %
Minimum stake 1 ADA
Unbonding period None
Reward Rate
5.3% Stake now
Commission 1 %
Minimum stake 1 AVAX
Unbonding period None
Reward Rate
2.3% Coming Soon
Our Advantage
Why Sonarch?

We put up our own money. No outside investors, just a group of people who believed strongly enough that the new internet can change the world for the better — for everyone . A lot of stake pools look the same. But, we’re a US-based crypto company that believes the future is digital. And that future is limitless. Join us on the journey.

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Have confidence in your staked coins at all times. We don’t custody your crypto assets so our investors are free to withdraw your funds at any time, according to the lock-up requirements for each protocol.


Earn yield safely through secure staking. Feel confident knowing you still own your assets through our state-of-the-art architecture. We leverage AWS and high performance infrastructure to deliver premium availability and uptime; delivering maximum yield to your staked tokens.


As a US-based staking company, we are subject to the same rules and regulations expected from a financial enterprise. Not only that, we stake our own tokens on our own platform because we are here to form long-term partnerships that create value for the entire community.

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