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The new digital ecosystem is complex and often misunderstood. We don’t like being misunderstood. So we decided to do something about it. This hub is your one-stop shop where we break down blockchain technology to help you understand crypto, decentralization, and our unique point of view as a company.

Feature Article
What is Staking (And Why Does It Matter?)
TL;DR. Staking is essentially a protocol paying to crowdsource servers. So instead of taking the approach of our wannabe tech overlords in Silicon Valley, they incentivize servers across the world to stay running 24/7 so data can flow freely, and anonymously. So we worry about our servers, they maintain the scale, and you just get paid.
The Quick-Start Staking Guide

Go from novice to node supporter in no time at all. Learn how to buy crypto, set up a wallet, and stake, the Sonarch way.

How To Buy Your First Coin
TL;DR, To buy a coin, you need to: 1. Find an exchange. 2. Convert cash to crypto. 3. Bask in the glory of becoming a digital entrepreneur. 4. Make buying crypto a personality trait. (Note: optional and not endorsed).
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How to Choose A Wallet
TL;DR, Crypto wallets aren’t really wallets. They’re special wallets. Decide where and how you want info to be stored. Then follow the instructions to set it up, and decide what glorious purpose you’ll devote your coin to.
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How To Set Up Your Wallet
TL;DR, Download your preferred wallet and follow they’re simple, easy-to-use steps. But, if you want to know what’s coming your way, read the article. And write down your passphrase!! Don’t donate to the Matrix.
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How To Stake
TL;DR, Once you have a wallet set up, the staking process is easy. Search Sonarch in your wallet, delegate, and let the 21st century wizardry of Web3 take it from there. Every 5 days, the all-knowing algorithm pays you!
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Sonarch Explains Blockchain

Get an in-depth look at all things staking. From the coins we choose, to how we choose them, to what staking is and why it’s important, you’ll find thoughtful articles that break down the decisions we make so you can apply them to your own crypto experience.

Thought Leadership
Why Sonarch Stakes Cardano
TL;DR. Sonarch spent months vetting protocols to stake crypto. We chose Cardano for these reasons: 1. Leadership we believe in. 2. That gave power and resources to their people (who they’ll never meet). 3. They support decentralization with a fully-researched proof of Stake design that’s more than lip service. 4. They incentivize small pools to succeed. 5. They have a really, really cool name.
Thought Leadership
Why Sonarch Will Stake Avalanche
TL;DR. In a space that rightfully prizes security over speed, Avalanche is a rarity that supplies both. The combination of low fees, high efficiency, and potential growth are worth a pinch to the arm, followed by a purchase.
Crypto Content We Admire

This section includes content that was made by creators we admire who explain blockchain technology through a variety of multimedia content. We do not own, and did not produce the content. All kudos goes to the creators. But in the spirit of our mission to make blockchain technology radically accessible, we feel compelled to share.

Partner Content — Whiteboard Crypto
What are Smart Contracts in Crypto?
TL;DW.Consider the softening of destroying every lawyer and real estate agent's career. We spin this into coexistence, allowing for honest transactions that are independently validated. Lawyers, for example, might still be needed, just in a different capacity.
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Partner Content — Forkast News
Top 5 Use Cases For Smart Contracts
TL;DW. Smart contracts have enormous implications for just about every sector of the future economy. They’re a critical lever to move at the speed of progress instead of the speed of bureaucracy.
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Partner Content - Whiteboard Crypto
What is DeFi?
TL;DW. Simply put, it stands for “Decentralized Finance”. Or a financial system that doesn’t rely on a central authority like a bank as the hub for commerce, lending, and borrowing. Now, you’re the main hub for commerce, lending, and borrowing. Neat.
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Partner Content - HOSKsCLIPS
What’s Easiest to Develop on Cardano?
Are you interested in developing? Here, the Cardano creator himself shows the path to learning how to develop on the Cardano blockchain, and it actually starts with Ethereum.
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